Real Time Study With Arwa Mahdawi

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In my opinion the ideal teacher has to know the subject in perfection, state it good language, use manuals, have sense of humour, ability it is easy to come into contact with children of both the senior, and younger age, to be the honest, fair, cultural person.

Materials for graphic activity (pencils, paper, are small) expediently to store in the closed case as independently kids are not able to use these subjects to destination yet (for drawing, a molding), but already freely draw chalk on a board, a stick on snow, sand.

Pervenochalny sprouts of creativity can appear in various activity of children if necessary conditions are for this purpose created. Successful development of such qualities which in the future will provide participation of the child in creative activity depends on education.

Thus, at preschool age the foundation of creative activity of the child which are shown in development of ability to a plan and its realization, in ability to combine the knowledge and representations, in sincere transfer of the feelings are laid.