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This distinction between two languages is explained by that inhabitants of Trobriandsky islands require the word covering all relatives whom it is accepted to treat special respect. In English and American societies there was less difficult system of related communications therefore British have no need for the words designating such distant relatives.

Values not only need justification, but also, in turn, can serve as justification. They prove norms or expectations and standards which are realized during interaction between people.

At the use of language observance of its basic grammatical rules is required. Language will organize experience of people. Therefore, as well as all culture in general, it develops the standard values. Communication is possible only at a nalipchiya of values which are accepted, used by its participants and are understood by it. Really, our communication among themselves in everyday life is in many respects caused by our confidence that we understand each other.

In society there is a tendency to judge other cultures from a position of superiority own. This tendency is called - as an entotsentrizm. The principles of ethnocentrism find distinct expression in activity of missionaries who seek to turn, "barbarians" into the belief. Ethnocentrism is connected with xenophobia - fear and hostility to others views and customs.

The culture — is an integral part of human life. The culture will organize human life. In life of people the culture considerably carries out the same function which in life of animals carries out genetically programmed behavior.

In language of inhabitants of Trobriandsky islands one word designates six various relatives: father, brother of the father, son of the sister of the father, son of the sister of mother of the father, son of the daughter of the sister of the father, son of the son of the brother of the father of the father and son of the son of the sister of the father of the father. In English even there are no the words designating four last relatives.

Language participates also in process of acquisition at the organization of experience of people. The anthropologist Bnndzhaming Li Uorf showed that many concepts seem to us "self-evident" only because they took roots in our language. "Language divides the nature into parts, forms concepts about them and attaches them significance mainly because we came to the agreement to organize them thus. This agreement... it is coded in models of our language". It is found especially clearly in the comparative analysis of languages. We already know that colors and the related relations in various languages are designated differently. Sometimes in one language there is a word which completely is absent in other.

Even fluent contact with two or several cultures convinces that distinctions between them do not have number. We and They go on the different parties, They speak other language. We have different opinions on what behavior mad, and what normal, we have different concepts of virtuous life. It is much more difficult to define the common features peculiar to all cultures, - cultural universaliya.