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But the last global transformations and changes of system of values generated a certain interest of society in products of the activity. Society if it is possible so to speak, turned the look on ecology, and on the reasons which influence its deterioration. The earth is an integral part of an ecological situation, and the payment for the earth is that material incentive which else in the slightest degree, but has impact on people.

The first reason consists that recently big development was gained by the so-called garden and market-gardening and farmer movement, so there were also people who used this opportunity for the mercenary purposes. They it is inexpedient use the earth provided to them and by that worsen its quality, and even completely destroy its fertile layer. Therefore, it is possible to tell that soon the payment for the earth will be applied as a stimulator to more rational and expedient use of the earth.

And in the conclusion I would like to tell that a payment for the earth quite young subject and some segments of the population did not hear about such concept at all, and for them in wonder that it is necessary to pay for use of the earth.